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When newly widowed Virginia Flynn turns an abandoned mansion into the Firefly Inn, she never dreams that the inn’s other-worldly guest will play a mysterious part in her plans, starting right with her first visitor….

Stacy Brighton left her hometown on the coast of Maine ten years ago for bigger and better things and never looked back. But when her father dies unexpectedly, she’s forced to return. She won’t spend a minute longer than she has to, though. That town is full of bad memories and she doesn’t want to see any of the people she left behind, especially not Reid Callahan.

Reid Callahan never wanted anything more than to live his life in Rocky Point. He loves the simple, small-town life and has proudly grown his small lobstering business into one of the premier restaurants in the area. He’s made a good life for himself but something seems to be missing. And when Stacy comes back to town, he knows exactly what it is. Too bad Stacy has no intention of staying… or does she?

Even their growing attraction might not be enough to soothe old wounds and when their worst fears take root, one of them may have to sacrifice everything they thought they wanted in order to give their hearts another chance.


When Katy Wallace left the small town of Vine Falls four years ago, she thought becoming a different person would be everything she ever wanted in life. But when she is offered an opportunity to become the next Mrs. Tipton Van Warner III, she isn’t sure living the life of someone else is what she wants anymore.

Uncertain and confused, she goes home to think and runs straight into Matthew Shaw, the one man she probably should avoid. Given the crushing way she had left him, sneaking off without a word the morning after they’d shared the most perfect night ever, Matthew had every right to hate her although four years apart hadn’t dimmed her attraction to him in the least — he still takes her breath away.

Katy has to admit she loves him every bit as much now as the day she’d left Vine Falls…but how could Matthew possibly still love her?


Jensen never meant to kiss her. Sadie never dreamed she would fall for her best friend. But he had and she did, and now everything is a great big mess.

Sadie is convinced love will only strengthen their already perfect relationship but Jensen, afraid giving in to their mutually growing passion will ruin the good thing they have, is determined to put some much needed distance between them…only once they’re apart, he can’t stop thinking about her. Missing her. Wanting her.

Jensen knows he should just walk away, even if it means leaving Sadie with a broken heart and their friendship hanging in the balance. But there is a very real possibility that by doing so, he could lose Sadie forever. Is he willing to risk it? Or will he ignore his fears, trust his heart, and give in to love before Sadie has change of heart instead?


Cynical relationship counselor Alison James isn't interested in anything love and romance related but Valentine's Day is a "big deal" in her home town, Cupid's Cross. No one seems to care that she's not buying into the spirit of their holiday--except Beau Cooper, owner of the local florist shop, who is convinced she's just never given love a chance.

Armed with an infectious charm and devastatingly addictive kisses, Beau gives his all to showing her how love is meant to be. Alison is determined to resist him ... but there is something about her self-appointed Cupid that melts away her disdain of all things love and makes her yearn to believe...

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