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No Getting Over You

No Getting Over You
Series: Hometown Hearts, Book 1
Genre: Sweet Romance
Everything Katy Wallace ever wanted is right within her reach, until a trip back to her home town makes her realize that she had everything she ever wanted all along. Is it too late to get it back?
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About the Book

When Katy Wallace left the small town of Vine Falls four years ago, she thought becoming a different person would be everything she ever wanted in life. But when she is offered an opportunity to become the next Mrs. Tipton Van Warner III, she isn’t sure living the life of someone else is what she wants anymore.

Uncertain and confused, she goes home to think and runs straight into Matthew Shaw, the one man she probably should avoid. Given the crushing way she had left him, sneaking off without a word the morning after they’d shared the most perfect night ever, Matthew had every right to hate her although four years apart hadn’t dimmed her attraction to him in the least — he still takes her breath away.

Katy has to admit she loves him every bit as much now as the day she’d left Vine Falls…but how could Matthew possibly still love her?

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